The Future of EMS Training

Welcome to a New EMS Training Concept

A new type of EMS training is born. The first wireless device able to offer a totally free EMS training. Through the most advanced Bluetooth technology and with operating ranges up to 100 meters, you can enjoy a workout with upto 10 Users. Full freedom together as a group or individually.

Wherever, whatever and with anyone you want.

The EMS Technology 2.0

  • No Wires
  • No Power Supply
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • 100 Meter Range
  • Supports up to 10 People in one Session
  • Remote Technical Assistance
  • Updates over wifi connection

i-Motion Experience

Training develops and strengthens your muscles. The combination of located electric impulses and the specific isometric and isotonic training routine for each user will bring about great results in a short period of time.








WCM (Wireless Communication Module)

Through the most advanced Bluetooth technology, with i-Motion you can enjoy a totally free workout. Full freedom together as a group or indivdually. No cable ems trainings. No limits, train where you want and as you like.

i-Motion offers a new training modality, an opportunity to offer group training and EMS clases, each participant at their own pace. There is no limits, only fun, efficiency, innovation and a totally free training.

With i-Motion you can move freely during the workout, with an operating range up to 100 meters there are no limits of movement. EMS training has never been so comfortable.

Our software has 10 preset training programmes to work every specific need: Cardio, Fitness, Metabolic, Strength, Bodybuilding, Cellulitis, Dermal, Capillary, Relax, Contractures and Expert. Also, i-Motion has 6 free programmes to manage your training freely. I-Motion adapts to each user.

In Imotion we work with the most cutting edge technology in market. With i-Motion you can manage your device wherever you are and you have remote technical assistance and updates over a wifi connection.

i-motion: My business

The ultimate tool to develop your business or to open your own EMS training centre.


We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.


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